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Why You Should Choose A Homestay (3 super tips inside)

Choose J3 Homestay Tawau
Why you should choose a homestay .. ??? 
One of the factors that are important in planning a vacation is going to a place that includes a place where you can "crash" comfortably. There's no point going for a vacation but don't have a decent and budget friendly place to stay during the whole trip.

Some of these factors might be a consideration on why do you have to stay in a homestay while on vacation, especially in Tawau. 

1. Costs 
The main consideration is the cost. 
Try to imagine if you are on holiday with 8 people and decided to stay at a hotel. Even with the cheapest rate, you are still going to burn holes in your pocket. Compared with a stay at a homestay, your costs will be at the minimum.

Decent hotel rooms (in Tawau) will cost you around RM100 / night. If you are on holiday with 8 people, then you will need at least 4 rooms. 

RM100 X 4 = RM400 / night
You can compare that with renting 1 homestay (J3 Homestay Tawau) with the rate of RM190 / night  (or even lower) that can accommodate up to 10 to 20 people. 

2. Convenient 
The second consideration is convenient. Although the rate of homestay may sounds expensive at times, but by renting a homestay you will have plenty of space for your movement and activities, it will make you feels right at home. Limited space at a hotel room means you are there mainly to sleep and can do nothing more, you can't even wash your dirty laundry. When you rent a homestay, you can freely do many things like in your own house (cooking, watching TV, joking and having a banter with siblings, relatives, or friends). Moreover, if you are on holiday with your children and baby in tow, to stay in a homestay will give you plenty of room for your children to activities. You can even prepared food for your children easily.

3. Facilities 
You may think that the existing facilities at the homestay is not better than the one at the hotel. But make no mistake, homestay also has a variety of facilities to make your vacation more comfortable. Some of the facilities available at the homestay: 

* Clean and comfortable beds. 
* Living room with TV / DVD  
* Kitchen with full cooking utensils. 
* Complete electrical and electronic appliances for your convenience (rice cooker, washing machine, refrigerator, air-condition etc)
* Parking area. 
and so much more... 

I hope this post will be useful for you. 
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